Risk Management


Once again, the status of healthcare is being thoroughly examined in our country. Issues regarding affordability, access, quality and efficiency are at the forefront of most employers. Although these concerns are not new, more than ever, the future of healthcare will be determined by the decisions employers make today.


Implementing The Right Health Care Platform To Control Costs

All the best intentions in the world to control costs will not achieve results if you are not utilizing the right benefit platform. Christi Benefits provides clients with unique health plan platforms to implement the right strategies and control costs. Platforms that enable employers to participate in the profitability of their plan as a result of quality management.


Traditional carriers simply do not offer the information or the means to effectively create a positive impact on costs. Christi Benefits Group changes the game and puts our clients back into the driver’s seat while maintaining safety and flexibility. Until employers begin asking the right questions and implementing the right platforms, the healthcare trend line will not change. Period.


We implement programs that utilize a broad spectrum of alternative funding platforms such as:


  • Full Insured
  • Level Funded
  • Retrospective Funding
  • Captives
  • Cost-Plus Programs
  • Partial Self-Funding
  • Self-Funding


Our primary focus is to provide employers a multitude of solutions to change the financial cost escalation due to poorly managed health plans while increasing the delivery of quality of care to employees. The good news is that controlling costs is attainable and we can help our clients achieve outstanding results.


Turning Data Into Actionable Intelligence and Effective Risk Management Strategies


  • Integrated Healthcare Risk Management
  • Effective Wellness Program Initiatives
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Claim Analytics, Predictive Modeling & Trend Analysis
  • Value-Based Health Management
  • Transparency Tools & Resources
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Tele-medicine


The Result.

The result is the ability to achieve excellence and implement new innovations into your health care program. Christi opens the door for employers to improve performance, implement value-based solutions and achieve real results for their organization and improve the quality of life of their employees