Date:     Thursday, July 20, 2017

Time:     10:00am EST


Taking Control of Your Health Plan Costs

It is hard to escape, healthcare is on the front-page of the news every day and for good reason. Healthcare costs delivered by traditional means has steadily risen each and every year for decades and it shows no signs of changing.


Now is the most critical time for employers to learn and implement the best strategies to control rising healthcare costs.  The strategy to increase copays and deductibles to record levels in order to offset increases has past.


Learn how organizations are already offering the highest quality medical programs and achieving single-digit renewals year-over-year…without changing plan designs.


Understanding and implementing the right program that is the best fit for your organization, is the first step.  The difference is then working with experienced partners to execute a proven management strategy that will help you control healthcare costs and continue to offer the best benefits available to your employees.


Please join us for a 1 hour webinar to learn about the most effective market strategies in controlling medical costs, safely, over the short-term and the long-term.

Topics will include:


Alternative Funding Spectrum

  • Retrospective Funding
  • Level Funded Programs
  • Captives
  • Partial Self-Funding


Benefits of Developing a Captive Strategy

  • Overview
  • Considerations & Implementation
  • Expectations


Engaged Healthcare Strategies

  • Claim Analytics
  • Population Health Management
  • Disease and Case Management
  • Wellness Programs


Associated Market Trends

  • Cost Transparency
  • Reference Based Pricing
  • Concierge Services



  • Q&A


This webinar is focused on employers with 50-800 employees

Redirecting Resources for the Greater Good


Living our core values while leveraging technology through webinars, Christi is proud to redirect the cost savings of hosting an in-person seminar to a charity of one of the participant’s choice, chosen at random at the end of the webinar. The donation will be given to the charity in the name of the participant.


Please submit the name of your licensed charity when registering.



Jeff Kandzer, Berkley Accident & Health

Nancy Blough, American Health Data Institute

Gregory Brigidi, Christi Benefits Group




Date:     Thursday, September 14, 2017

Time:     10:00am EST


Compliance Update

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Date:     Thursday, September 21, 2017

Time:     10:00am EST


Medicare Decisions 101 for Employees

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