Employee Benefits

Our objective is simple…to help our clients create the most effective benefits program possible for their organizations. To accomplish this, we provide best in breed solutions in the five critical components that make up of the benefits administration process.

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Risk Management

All the best intentions in the world to control costs will not achieve results if you are not utilizing the right benefit platform. Christi Benefits provides clients with unique health plan platforms to implement the right strategies and control costs. Platforms that enable employers to participate in the profitability of their plan as a result of quality management.

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Personal Insurance

Every individual has unique risks. At Christi, our personal insurance experts are another reason why we are unique and “stand above” the competition. We don’t sell products, we sell solutions.


Our team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs. We offer tailored, comprehensive and cost effective personal insurance solutions to protect not only your valued assets, but also your lifestyle.

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Property & Casualty

While many insurance agencies offer themselves as competent in commercial insurance, none can compare to what The Christi Insurance Group offers consistently to its clients – commercial insurance solutions.


The first thing that makes us unique and sets us apart from other agencies is our knowledge and expertise of how the commercial insurance marketplace works. It’s not as simple as some may have you believe.

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The fact that Christi Insurance is one of the largest marine insurance agencies in the country provides us with a significant advantage in servicing our clients.


Eric McDowell, partner at Christi, runs the Marine Insurance operations. He possesses both a master’s degree in business administration and a USCG captain’s license, as well as sixteen years experience specializing in marine insurance. Greg Jones earned his USCG captain’s license at age sixteen and has thirteen years experience of providing marine insurance expertise.

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Human Capital Management

In a growing and changing market, leaders need to manage many initiatives. We at Christi look to partner with you to support your greatest organizational asset: your employees. Christi can deliver a full range of Human Resource services – from unique strategic HR Business solutions to tactical, daily HR tools and systems to more effectively manage your organization.

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Our areas of expertise include retirement plan services, in-depth financial and estate planning, investment consulting. We work with small businesses, institutions and families to create, manage, preserve and distribute wealth.


Our team has the unique ability to coordinate the efforts of your various advisors to make sure that we are all working together towards a common goal– our clients’ best interest.

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