About Christi

In today’s business world, leaders and Human Resource managers at organizations of all sizes are being asked to do more in managing an ever-changing workforce. You must find a way to provide solutions that create greater value for employees and employers a like, that are being inundated with employment compliance, unaffordable health care costs and Health Care Reform requirements.


Now, more than any other time in history, employers need to align themselves with the right partner to provide the right solutions for the future or face the financial consequences. There is no longer a place for the casual consultant. While everyone is still searching for answers and solutions, Christi is already providing them.


Christi is a firm dedicated to excellence in redefining the employee experience and making a significant difference in our client’s organization and in the lives of their employees. We deliver innovative ideas and results-based solutions throughout the Human Resource and Benefits spectrum.


Christi provides proprietary strategies that identify, measure and manage exposures to unnecessary costs and processes while instilling the importance of access to quality care and resources. We are driven by our core philosophy and committed to our employees that are dedicated to delivering exceptional client service.