Client Experiences



Wholesale Foods

Employees:      1,300

States:             21


HR Goals and Objectives

  • Educate workforce on all plan design offerings
  • Provide effective and world-class benefits communication materials
  • Provide employees with a custom web-based benefits enrollment portal
  • Conduct an in-depth full Dependent Audit
  • Create a more high-touch and personalized medium for benefits communication with one-on-one enrollment sessions
  • Implement a self-funded platform to reduce costs and maintain benefit plan designs over the long-term
  • Maintain employee contributions levels



  • Multi-state and multi-location company
  • No HR Department and demographical challenged organization
  • Bilingual environment
  • Truck Drivers comprise 20% of the workforce and are often non-accessible
  • Employees and locations were familiar with traditional group meetings and not a face-to-face process
  • Previous broker did very little for employee and management support



  • Face-to-face Enrollment: Benefit enrollment specialists met face-to-face with employees and enrolled directly into the company’s enrollment system
  • Communications: Developed and implemented a new brand for the benefits program to include bilingual paper and electronic communication and educational materials
  • Web-based Enrollment: Implemented a world-class communication materials that included a customized portal experience for online enrollment
  • Dependent Audit: Conducted a full Dependent Audit with requiring full documentation
  • Funding: Implemented self-funded platform with industry-leading disease management and claim analytic partners
  • Data Management: Collected updated employee elections.  Enrollment elections were electronically transmitted to all vendors in their specific file layouts




  • 63% of employees participated in one-on-one enrollments creating a significant higher level of employee satisfaction and benefit understanding
  • 100% of employees received an accurate benefits statement
  • Developed new benefits brand and marketing materials
  • Successful Dependent Audit process eliminating 3% of ineligible members that were currently enrolled savings thousands of dollars in future unrealized claims
  • 79% of employees enrolled via the new web-based enrollment portal reducing direct and indirect administration costs
  • Employees made educated enrollment decisions resulting in direct savings for many employees
  • Saved company over $4.7 million in premium over a two year period without making any plan design changes
  • No need to increase employee contributions over a three year period