We Put Your Employees’ Experience Above All Else

Strategic planning, reducing costs, quality benefit plans and platforms—these are all important to get right for one reason: the employee experience.


At Christi, we give your employees the best possible experience when they access their benefits.


We give them quality coverage and resources for their own care and for the care of their families. 


We give them a human touch, peace of mind and a positive employment experience.


That’s what we do. And no one does it better.

Simplify the Complex

With new regulations and a rapidly changing marketplace, the world of employee benefits becomes more complex and daunting every day.


At Christi, we’re driven to simplify the complicated. We’ll strip away the noise and provide you with only what you need to know—and when you need to know it.


Better yet, we’ll take it off of your plate and put it on ours.


That’s why our clients value our partnership—and that’s why we think you’ll value it too.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With Christi as your partner, you can be confident we’ll:


  • Keep you in compliance with all federal and state regulations
  • Inform you of important marketplace trends
  • Identify and control your benefit and administration costs for the long term
  • Provide clear employee communications
  • Grant easy access to personal support and advocacy

Receive Comprehensive Service

Core Advantage, our comprehensive service platform, encompasses everything we provide to you as part of our core services:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Cost Containment and Risk Management
  • Employee Advocacy and Communication
  • Compliance
  • Administration


As part of every pillar, we provide best-in-class services to create an exemplary experience for your organization and your employees.