Data Privacy

Christi recognizes that the extreme importance of the privacy of personal information. Christi is at the forefront of data security and protection. Christi encrypts personal identification data and implements stringent security regulations in relation to access, usage and disposal of data.


Christi ensures that it limits its requests for information to what is truly required to ensure excellent service. Most of the information Christi collects about you is basic information that we need to conduct normal business practices such as, enrollment processes, dependent eligibility verification audits as well as other process related to the benefits administration process.


Christi only uses software vendors that use familiar tried and tested applications that are supported with 40-bit to 256-bit negotiated SSL connections. These features help secure data from incidental corruption and from malicious attack, and are intended to avoid common Web-based threats.


Christi is contractually and legally prohibited from using the personal information collected for any other use other than the services promised to our clients.  Christi regards client data as private and will take the highest measures to help protect the confidentiality of customer data.