What Differentiates Us

Making Extraordinary Results Become Ordinary

Tired of consultants and brokers making empty promises and telling you how different they are?  What we already know is that, above all, it’s the people and organization that make the experience, not the services alone. Every function we provide is a relentless pursuit for excellence in adhering to our core values and purpose.  To make achieving the extraordinary an expectation, not an anomaly.


These values are the foundation in our dedication to excellence.  Excellence in redefining the client and employee experience, and making a significant difference in their organization and in the lives of their employees. That’s it.


And it is in the pursuit of building a great company, from the inside out, that our clients experience what truly separates us.


Driven to Make the Complex…Simple

In redefining our client’s experience, a principal objective is to simplify the complicated. The world of Employee Benefits and Human Resources becomes more daunting every single day with new regulations, a rapidly changing marketplace and diverse employee demographic needs.   Simplicity promotes clarity.


One of the main reasons our clients value our partnership, is our ability to take away the noise, and provide them with what they need to know, when they need to know it, and most importantly, taking it off of their plate and putting it onto ours.   Yes, that one is certainly the most popular.


Our clients rely on their confidence in us to keep them in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations, informed on important marketplace trends, identify and control their benefit and administration costs over the long-term, and to provide clear communications to all of their employees with easy access to personal human support and advocacy.


The Employee Experience Above All Else

Strategic planning, reducing costs, quality benefit plans and platforms, are all very important items to get right.  But why?  The hows, whens, and wheres, are always asked, but how often is the ‘why’ question asked. We believe this is the center in which everything else is answered. We believe that success lies in the employee experience.


This is the core reason in which all of our efforts are justified. To give the employee the best experience possible when utilizing their benefits and providing quality coverage and resources for them and their families. To provide them with a human touch, peace of mind and a positive employment experience.

This is why we do it. And we are confident that nobody does it better.


Separating the Good From the Great – Our Core Advantage Platform

Guided by our core philosophy, Core Advantage is our comprehensive service platform that encompasses everything we provide to our clients as part of our core services.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Cost Containment & Risk Management
  • Employee Advocacy & Communication
  • Compliance
  • Administration


We break-down the five key areas of the benefits management spectrum and provide best-in-class services and resources within every pillar to create the best experience possible from both an employer and employee perspective.


Engaged Healthcare – Dedicated to Controlling Healthcare Costs the Right Way

Healthcare costs are rising to unprecedented levels.  Employers bouncing around to different insurance companies, cost-shifting plan designs, copays, deductibles to offset increases is no longer a strategy to sustain affordable healthcare over the long-term.  Employers are looking for answers.


The answers to affordable and quality healthcare are within reach.  Christi has created Engaged Healthcare, a platform that includes all of the critical components to help organizations gain control and transparency over their healthcare program.  It combines innovative ideas and management with best-in-class providers to identify and control costs.


The solution first starts with a commitment from the organization to want to control costs and provide a superior benefits programs.  Our promise to you is that this commitment will produce cost controls, transparency, flexibility, and most importantly, a better and healthier benefits experience for your employees.